• Thibauld Feneuil – Telecom Paris / MPRI
    Master internship 2020, co-supervised with Sonia Belaïd and Matthieu Rivain
  • Eric Sageloli – Université de Bordeaux
    Master internship 2019, co-supervised with Aurélien Dupin and Thomas Ricosset

Introductory presentations

If you are French and you would like to know what post-quantum crypto means, this 4 minutes summary is for you. [podcast]

Cryptographie post-quantique. France culture radio, La méthode scientifique – La recherche montre en main, 2017 Oct 25th

This is a short French [Youtube] video presentation of the internship I undertook in Thales. This video has been made for the best internship ceremony of the Foundation Mines-Telecom in Paris, 2017 May 27th.

Here is another French [Youtube] video uploaded in Briques2math channel in 2019. It presents the job of researcher in post-quantum cryptography. Thank you Chi Tran for making this interview and this video!